Cold storage room

Cold room is the idea equipment for perishable products preservation and meat products processing, like fruit, vegetables, sausage, cooked food, cold storage, also can use as seafood, meat products processing workshop.
Cold room also is one of the best way to adding products value, such as season fruit anti-seasonal sale, inventory for a higher price etc.
Huayu Brother team have strong ability design and built cold storage room as per your ideas. Provide turn-key project to your cold room project, reduce your one-time investment and running cost. Meanwhile, consider various aspects such as  anti-fire, air vent system, moisture control etc.
In the past few years, our team have build more than 110 cold room project capacity 5000CBM and above in worldwide, include 40 refrigerated workshops floor space 100M2 and above.
Generally, our cold storage room have 2 cooling way:
Condenser fan cooling
Condenser fan cooling is the most popular type, it works by several fans suck and force air go through condenser, heat exchange with coolant and quick reduce room temperature.
Condenser fan type cold room is high efficient that room temperature could reach designed temperature within 24hrs.
Based on the temperature request, we could provide fresh-keeping room (0℃ and above), cooling room(-10℃ to -20℃), freezing room(-20℃ to -30℃) and quick freezing room(-30℃ or lower).

Direct cooling
Direct cooling type cold room mostly use for fresh-keeping or cooling application, it use aluminum alloy pipe as the condenser, coolant continue flow in the aluminum alloy pipes, and direct heat exchange with surround air to reduce room temperature.
Compare with condenser fan type cold room, direct cooling type cold room have more advantage of:
1, Aluminum alloy pipe as the condenser, durable enough, as there is no moving/wearing parts.
2, Evenly cooling.
3, High efficient and power saving.
4, For some fruit or vegetable, long time storage, its moisture could be evaporating and flowing inside room with air flow that generated by condenser fan, but direct cooling type cold room could handle this problem well.

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