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Hygiene Solutions

Microbial contamination is one of the main problems that food factory face, also is the main topic in food processing. Hygiene solutions thus is very important for food safety, that consider employees, equipments, air and environment. Hygienic design the equipment and practice is a crucial part. Huayu Brother provide you such confidence: Offer integrated hygiene solutions and hygiene equipment, help efficiente cleaning and sanitizing food plant.

  • Food plant hygiene assessment and solutions offer.
  • Hygiene equipment for employees.
  • OPC and EFC cleaning systems.
  • Air sterilize systems.
Personal Hygiene
OPC Cleaning
Air Sterilize

Employee Hygiene

Personnel Hygiene:

Before enter workshops, employee hygiene is very vital, right hygiene procedures stop spreading of bacterial and microorganisms. The procedure involves Hand Hygiene and Footwear Hygiene.

Hand Hygiene:

Workers hand washing, Hand drying, Hand disinfection.

Footwear Hygiene:

Footwear and sole cleaning/disinfecting, working uniform disinfecting, as well as workers’ private apparels storage.


  • Related equipment and cleaning process should be finished by “touchless” to avoid cross contaminant: Soap dispenser, water tap, hand dryer, hand sanitizer dispenser etc. should be sensor operated; footwear cleaner should be automatic active, footwear storage cabinet or rack should with disinfection function.
  • Hygienic design of the machines and efficient cleaning is the key, since the machines also can be contamination source.

Necessary Equipment: Integrated hygiene stations for hand and footwear, Hand washbasin, Hand sanitizer dispenser, Hand dryer, Footwear cleaner, Boot and apron cleaning machine, Turnstile, Swing gate, Wardrobe.

OPC Cleaning solution

Equipment Hygiene:

Means cleaning and sanitizing production lines, machines, tools and workshop floors, walls. This part cost more time, and is necessary to do every day. The popular clean and disinfect program in food manufacturer include CIP and COP. WONE hygiene solutions for OPC Open Plant Cleaning are modern:

Cleaning Process:

  1. Removal of residual product.
  2. Cold or warm water rinse.

Sanitizing Process:

  1. Foam cleaning to degrease.
  2. Water flushing to remove foam.
  3. Disinfectant spraying and covering.
  4. Water flushing to remove chemicals.
  5. Verification of cleaning.

Some steps may need repeat several times for better performance.

These processes can be finished by centralized system or decentralized system, or mobile cleaning stations. The equipment operation may a little different, but the goal and function is same: Rinse and Sanitize.

Necessary Equipment:

  • Centralized system consists of: Satellites (cleaning stations), Booster pumps (pressurized water station), Chemical station (dosing pumps) and piping engineering.
  • Decentralized system or mobile station typically are multi-function: 3-in-1 stationary cleaning machine (Rinse, foam, disinfect), 3-in-1 mobile cart, Foam trolley, High-pressure water cart.

As per needs, various type chemicals will be used: Degreaser, foam concentrate, alkaline, disinfectant etc.

Air disinfection equipments

Air Hygiene:

Sanitization during production time is helpful to control the bacteria, germs and spoils etc. Commonly, by use of UV disinfecting unit on daytime, and ozone disinfecting unit at night when no workers activity. The 2 functions also can integrate into 1 machine, like WONE AUW and AUT air disinfection units.

Sometimes, disinfectant fogger sprayer also can be used for purify environment, like warehouse or where chemicals will not direct touch food.


UV + Ozone disinfection machine AUW (wall mounted)/AUT (ceiling mounted).

Disinfectant fogger/sprayer machine.

Mobile mist/fog machine.