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Flake Ice Machine

Flake ice is the most cost effective type of ice that use for cooling or maintaining perishable where long-lasting freshness need. Mainly there are 2 subdivisions: Granular and flake ice.

  • Granular ice, also calls snow flake ice, nugget ice or flaked ice, they come with irregular particle sizes.
  • Flake ice, which called scale ice in commercial and industrial area, flake ice is sub-cooled, thin flat, cold and dry.

Huayu Brother supplied and manufactured a full range of flake ice making machines, daily capacity from 100kgs up to 30tons. All our flake ice machines are indoor produced in our ISO9001 certified workshop, quality guarantee.


Granular Ice

Snow flake type ice is widely use in commercial area, for cooling or fresh keeping. It can be loose type ice crushes or cold ice particles.

Flaked Ice

Flaked ice is sub-cooled around -5C, thin chips. The unique character make it popular in industry processing.