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Gourmet Ice Machine

Gourmet Ice Machine

Gourmet ice machine working by water spraying, ice formed by this way will be very hard and transparent. That means, gourmet ice can last longer time in beverage than normal cube ice. Gourmet ice maker could use in residence, beverage shop, or commercial ice business.

Huayu Brother produce gourmet ice maker capacity from 20kgs to 300kgs, ice size 32*32*32mm or 22*22*22mm.

About Gourmet Ice Machine


Gourmet ice could widely use in beverage or cooling area, its hygienic and beatutiful shape, some of its application listed below:

Popular Application:

  • For Edible, you will get amazing taste after drop several ice cubes in your beverage.
  • After crush, also can use for bakery, fruit/vegetables/meat cooling.
  • For decoration, in catering, the ice can cooling or decorate dishes.
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Exclusive Features


  • Micro-computer IC board control.
  • Main parts working indicate lamp.
  • Ice thickness adjustable.
  • Various safety precautions.
  • Touch Screen optional.


  • Exclusive water spraying ice making.
  • Copper ice making tray, coated treatment.
  • Automatic water supply, automatic water recycle system.
  • 5 years long warranty.
  • High density ice cubes technology.


  • Insulated ice storage bin, PUF.
  • 12hrs long lasting in bin.
  • Bacteriostatic technology.


  • Oversized cooling compressor system.
  • Danfoss compressor, air cooling.
  • Even environment temp. reach 40C could stable ice making.


  • All-In-One body or split module.
  • Stainless steel finish.
Stability and Reliability
  • Carefully component and model select.
  • Only world 1st class brand components installed, Strongly guarantee the system reliability.
  • Quality check for each installation step.
  • Ice cube tray use China best brand, system performance and quality guarantee.
  • Ice evaporator life >15 years.
  • Machine >17000hrs non-failure running.
  • Maintenance free design.
  • 12months full warranty.
  • Lifetime technical support.

Specifications Gourmet Ice Machine

Split System
Model ZBJ-25P ZBJ-35P ZBJ-40P
Ice Capacity 25kg/24hr 35kg/24hr 40kg/24hr
Bin Capacity 4kg 10kg 15kg
Power Install 350w 400w 420w
Install Size 380*420*675mm 500*580*750mm 500*580*950mm
Weight 28kg 40kg 55kg
Ice Size 22*22mm/32*32mm
Ice Type Gourmet Ice
Model ZBJ-60P ZBJ-80P ZBJ-100P
Ice Capacity 60kg/24hr 80kg/24hr 100kg/24hr
Bin Capacity 22kg 30kg 30kg
Power Install 500w 600w 665w
Install Size 670*580*895mm 670*580*950mm 670*580*950mm
Weight 56kg 65kg 65kg
Ice Size 22*22mm/32*32mm
Ice Type Gourmet Ice
Model ZBJ-200P ZBJ-300P
Ice Capacity 200kg/24hr 300kg/24hr
Bin Capacity 150kg 150kg
Power Install 985w 1600w
Ice Machine Size 760*608*655mm 760*608*975mm
Weight 45kg 50kg
Ice Size 22*22mm/32*32mm
Ice Type Gourmet Ice