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Freeze dried food features
Freeze dried food features Freeze dried food always have a high reputation among all the drying method: less nutrition loose, nice shape, excellent reconstitution etc. it have become a trend in market. MORE+
How to reduce freeze drying cost
How to reduce freeze drying cost Freeze drying technology enable people taste dried fruit,food vegetables etc. as fresh when for travel,but freeze dried products also come with expensive prices,how to reduce the freeze drying cost? MORE+
Industrial freeze dryer vacuum system
Industrial freeze dryer vacuum system There are various kinds vacuum system for industrial large scale freeze dryer, check what's their advantage and disadvantage. MORE+
Flake ice features
Flake ice features flake ice is thin,small piece of ice mainly use for seafood cooling or concrete industry, typically in large quantities, temperature could sub-cooled down to -5 Celsius degree. MORE+
Freeze drying technology
Freeze drying technology Freeze drying, also called lyophilisation or liofilizacion, is a dehydration process that preserve materials.Working... MORE+
Freeze dryer choose
Freeze dryer choose Freeze drying, as one of the best drying method, There are series freeze dryer, their working principle is same... MORE+
Parallel compressor system benefit
Parallel compressor system benefit Parallel compressor system include several compressor, based on constantly changing cooling capacity request, self-re... MORE+
Cold Room Choose
Cold Room Choose Cold room types and choose, basic introduction of cold room refrigeration compressor units choose,panel walls choose. MORE+
How refrigeration unit works
How refrigeration unit works Refrigerant cycles in the system,liquid phase release cooling and turn to gas phase,condenser cooling the refrigerant enable it back to liquid phase again, generally, its heat exchange process. MORE+

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