To meet customer increasing demand, Huayu Brother have built and cooperated 4 factories across China, in Beijing, in Zhengzhou, in Shenzhen. Provide various refrigeration and sublimation equipment.
Totally about 50 professional engineers among 500 experienced workers, enable provide you very best quality products with shortest time.

Factories in Zhengzhou:
Items provide:
● Compressor racks.
● IQF (Quick freezer)
● Water Chiller
● Cold Storage Room
● Supermarket Display Cabinet
● Other customized products

● Gourmet ice maker
● Ice Cube Maker
● Snow Block ice freezer.
● Customized ice cube maker
Factory in Shenzhen:
Items provide:
● Flake Ice Machine
● Flake Ice Evaporator
● Seawater ice machine
● Block Ice Machine
● Tube Ice Machine
Factory in Beijing:
Items provide:
● Pilot freeze dryer
● Pharmaceutical freeze dryer
● Food freeze dryer
● Other customized freeze drying equipment


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