Huayu Brother deeply know products quality is very vital. Every year we invest much to improve our products quality and update our quality control standard.
ISO9000 quality management system
Huayu Brother strict follow ISO concept to run the company, especially ISO9001 quality control system is our main focus. That from raw material to the final products, of its processing, assembly, quality check for each process etc.
CE approved products
All Huayu Brother items have go pass CE standard before sell on market,
and also we can cooperate and help you get products certification to meet your local market or political require.
Our Internal standard
Except international based concept, Huayu Brother also edit our own quality control system based on our enterprise status, which include not only the quality control, but also the components select/ life test/ price control system, failure parts treatment etc. 
What Huayu Brother efforts is provide you:
1, The most cost-effective products, lower price with high quality.
2, Long lifespan parts under international standard, that when parts need replacement, you can easy find in local market.
Third party (Inspection organizations) accept.
Third party like SGS, BV, TUV etc. or other company that help you do factory inspection work or products quality is welcome, whether factory inspection before purchase, or factory / products inspection before shipment, we accept any type inspection.

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